Have you ever lost your child – even just for a few seconds? Remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach when your mind races through what might have happened to your child – and who might have taken them? Well that’s exactly what happened to Keli Wilson – the founder of AlertID.

Keli’s story is a common one that she tells on her website:

In the summer of 2009 I was separated from my three children for almost an hour. This terrifying event prompted the creation of AlertID. Our initial goal was to help protect lost and missing children, but now we are doing so much more.

So what is AlertID – and how can it help keep your family safe?

About AlertID


AlertID is an automated alert system that aims to keep your family stay safe from the dangers that are all too common in modern life.

It has a number of different alerts that help protect you and your family:

  • Sex Offender Alerts
  • Missing Children (Amber Alerts)
  • Impending natural disasters (fires, floods, tornados and hurricanes)
  • Missing adults (“Silver Alerts”)
  • Public safety emergencies
  • Any other other critical information

All of these alerts are automated, so you will receive an email or text whenever there is potential danger in your neighbourhood.

How Does it Work?

You can sign up for AlertID here. As soon as you have signed up you will have access for all the features and alerts that Alert ID offers. There is a secure social network where you can chat to other members, you can report suspicious activities in your area, and you can set up alerts. There is also a mobile app so even when you are out and about you can stay up to date with what’s going on where you live.

AlertID gets it data from all over the country – government agencies, police departments & charities are all involved in providing up to date data to keep you safe.

For example Megan’s Law forces sex offender to register whenever they move to a new address. This sex offender map is used to provide warnings to AlertID’s members whenever a sex offender moves in near your family.

Is AlertID Worth It?

AlertID is free to join, and there are no costs involved – so yes, it is definitely worth it!

It is a service that has been set up by those concerned with keeping our children and family safe. There aren’t any catches or hidden costs – it really is free. So what are you waiting for – sign up here!